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Message from President

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We, MIRAIT Technologies Corporation have been developing our business as a telecommunication engineering company since its foundation in 1960, to make society more comfortable with technology.

During this time information and communication technologies have progressed from fixed to mobile communication, from voice to data communication, and with the emergence of 5G increasing data transmission speed, capacity and lowering latency, large volumes of data is rapidly collected by smart systems over the network evolving into the IoT.

From a social perspective, there are existing issues such as measures against natural disasters, aging social infrastructure and shrinking workforce due to declining birthrate and aging population. In addition, a new lifestyle has resulted from the global pandemic since the beginning of 2020. Digital Transformation (DX) is spreading, utilizing digital technologies in various fields to bring transformation for the purpose of solving social issues.

Under these circumstances, we are striving to expand our business domain by not only building the existing information and communications infrastructure, but also by providing comprehensive services to the IoT & ICT businesses. We are taking on active challenges in new markets, and incorporating new technologies developed through the evolution of information and communications technologies into our accumulated technological capabilities and promoting the adoption of multi-skilled technologies.

We, MIRAIT Technologies Corporation, will do our best to meet the needs of society and customers with the technologies from Japan to the world as well as further developing the Group as a “Comprehensive Engineering & Service Company” transforming itself continuously to create new value.

We greatly appreciate your continued support.

Yasushi Totake

Our Management Strategy

Our business is based on "technology", we will be responsive to business domains that are constantly changing by improving skills to deliver on our corporate identity as a “technology” company. In addition to continuously developing the conventional techniques that we have cultivated so far, we will continue to pursue within our daily work the acquisition of new and necessary technologies, empowering employees to deliver professional outcomes that are valued by and benefit our customers.
We aim for open management that ensures employees are engaged and understand the current position of "now“. Through the transparent provision of “facts” about the current position, we will aim for better communication that ensures clarity and accountability throughout our company.
3.MIRAIT Technologies Team (Team force)
We remain focused on building our team based culture, one that collaboratively overcomes adversity and challenges. This team culture spans all levels of our company, and is one where colleagues and managers respect each other, revitalize the workplace and together develop the business and its future.

Basic Management and Business · Human Resource Strategy Bird's Eye View

In order to realize the MIRAIT Group vision of being a "comprehensive engineering & service company", we need to further strengthen the "service" aspect by building on our existing engineering capabilities.

To achieve this we have divided our business domain into two categories:
"base domain" which consists of the established fixed and mobile infrastructure business, and the
"frontier domain“ where the focus is on expansion of the business into new and emerging technology markets and establishing a new future pillar.

In order to further develop these businesses, we are undertaking a number of initiatives including the proactive pursuit of human resource strategies such as skills improvement and multi-skill development. We also aim to have the climate and consciousness of KAIZEN permeate across the entire group of companies, with "Human resources development“, "Group management“, "Business division control accounting“, "Work life balance (WLB) “," Alliance “ and "Legal“ functions as the foundations of the business.

We remain focused on our efforts in supporting work-life balance (WLB), so that employees can achieve various things such as ongoing personal development through the obtaining of new qualifications and enjoyment of hobbies or other activities external to work, on daily basis.

Furthermore, in our human resources strategy called "Future Supplementary School", we select members from young and medium-level employees, work with them to identify their respective areas for development and develop specific initiatives, including self education and other development initiatives to support their efforts to invest in their own future.

In this way, we will foster a corporate culture of "a company that continues to learn“, with employees learning and developing their individual skills on a daily basis.